At the End, We Start at the Beginning

Islamic banking has like other areas of professional practice witnessed some very creative, innovative expressions of human ingenuity. From nothing we have seen the development of world-class Islamic retail, corporate and investment banking in little more than a generation.

But, this didn’t yet extend to Islamic asset management. I am personally dedicated to increasing public awareness of this issue, and introducing truly professional Islamic wealth and asset management at an industry level.

Over the next few months and years I will contribute my own energies in creating, managing and distributing exciting new Islamic investment products. However, I will avoid the gimmicks and sometimes outrageous hidden costs that were deeply embedded into most of the Islamic product universe until today.

It is best to adhere to what we know is the truth. MPT has given us a path to responsibly invest our clients’ savings, and if they want those investments to also carry fatwa then we owe it to them to deliver. Now that we’ve seen Islamic asset management can become a reality, it’s time we deliver the products and services people want.